Trust Your Truth Online Intuition Course

Engage all your senses, connect with and express your authentic truth on this 6 week guided journey of your intuition.

This online intuition course will take you through all the numbers and colours in Numerology, aligned with our energy centres, from 1 to 10 and beyond; together with Intuitive Creativity.
Each week we’ll Explore, Express and Expand different energy centres aligned with the number, colours and energies connected to each energy centre on a mental, physical and spiritual level; allowing you to connect with and truly embody your truth, building trust with yourself from deep within.
When we truly understand ourselves through all our senses, we can easily trust ourselves, allowing ourselves to make decisions based on our own personal truth, instead of others’ opinions.

What you’ll learn and experience…
❤ Connecting with yourself through number and colour energies
🧡 Expressing your truth through fun, light creativity
💛 Understanding Numerology and repeating numbers as a tool in your everyday life
💚 Your personal numbers including your life path
💙 How you could live to your fullest potential, embracing your personal journey of Spirit
💜 Expanding and aligning Mind, Body and Spirit with your Authentic Truth
🤍Clearing the blocks which may be in the way of expressing your truest potential
🤎Realigning your energy centres so you can live to your fullest potential.

The course begins on Tuesday, 3 November 2020 from 19:30-21:30 with sessions as follows:
Week 1 – 3 November 2020
Week 2 – 10 November 2020
Week 3 – 17 November 2020
Week 4 – 24 November 2020
Week 5 – 1 December 2020
Week 6 – 8 December 2020
Weekly sessions will be recorded so you can catch up privately if you have other commitments at the specific time of the live event.
Facilitated by Alison Livanos ~ Intuitive Creative Coach and Writer.
Self Investment Exchange
50% deposit on registration
Balance by end of Course
Course is also available as a one day Saturday workshop.
For further enquiries email