Express Your Creativity Freely

I express my creativity freely

Creativity is a natural force of life. Just look at nature and all the magnificent creations that she gives us: the flowers, the trees, the birds, the sunrises and sunsets, which are all one of a kind; and realise that you are part of that. The truth is that we are all creative beings who have been created to continue creating, whether we believe it or not ( We all have an innate ability to be creative, we just choose to ignore it or to express it. We all have incredible gifts and talents within, just waiting to be explored and connecting with your creativity, brings these to light.

So how can you connect with your creativity?

1. Change your Beliefs

As children, we are all creative artists. And then we create negative beliefs about art and creativity through how we interact with the world. Well-meaning adults tell us to explore "proper" career options and we believe that creativity is only fluff around the edges of "real life". Or we were criticized somewhere along the way and we believe we're not good enough and shut the door to our unique gifts and talents which are still waiting to be discovered. Look in the mirror and affirm I am a creative being and listen to the thoughts that come up. Those are your beliefs and can be changed with positive, new beliefs ( Affirm: I am willing to believe that I am creative. It is safe for me to be creative.

2. Be willing to Learn

As children, we were so open to learning new things, it was a natural process; and as adults, we still have the ability to learn new things, if we are willing. Connecting with creativity is a process and when we are willing to learn, miracles show-up and we experience synchronicities which guide us in the best direction to continue our learning. Affirm: I am willing to learn how to be creative.

3. Show-up and Create

The best way to connect with your creativity is to just show-up at the page and create. Make a list of all the things you loved to do as a child: baking, cooking, painting, beading, gardening, sewing, drawing, colouring, even doodling, to name a few. Then pick one of these to start with and bring it into your daily life. You could bake some cookies and ice them beautifully. Plant some seedlings in your garden. Or even buy some stickers of something you love and stick them in your diary to brighten your day. You could even ask your children to teach you how to colour-in or draw and then you get to spend some quality time with your children while you're at it. It's a process and it all begins with being willing to take the first, small step, then the next steps will show-up ( Affirm: I am willing to create.

My own journey with my creativity has been incredible. I always knew I was creative but I believed that I wasn't creative "enough" and creative jobs are only reserved for the best artists and I wasn't one of them. I grew up surrounded by negativity about artistic careers and therefore thought I had to find a "proper" job to be able to make money because creativity is only for hobbies and real creative people. I spent most of my career finding ways to be creative in my jobs, never realising at the time that I am creative and I can have a creative career if I choose it to be so. And I started small with simple ways of being creative in my daily life. I baked my children's birthday cakes and created amazing parties. I gardened and I sewed dresses for my girls. And slowly, but surely, my gifts and talents started unfolding and my journey still continues. I now express my creativity freely and the more I express my creativity through dancing, painting, cooking and gardening, the more my creativity flows and the more good I can create in the world ~ Alison Livanos 



The Gift of Self Care


As Moms we tend to give selflessly to everyone, including our children, our husbands or partners, our friends, just about everyone, except ourselves. The challenge is: how can we nurture and care for those around us if we are feeling drained and tired and unfulfilled ourselves? How can we expect ourselves to be the strong, supportive, loving Mom we love to be if we ourselves feel unsupported and loved? It all begins with us.

Imagine a big pot that you need to feed your family from. Now imagine the pot is empty. How on earth can we expect to feed our family from an empty pot? Now imagine you are that pot. Well how on earth can you give your family the love and nurturing they need if you are not first nurtured and loved yourself? How could you fill the pot today so that you can feed your family the love and nurturing they need?

Sometimes, we get so busy juggling the duties of Motherhood, work, relationships and all the other stuff, that some of us have even forgotten what we love to do. We spend our days finding ways to fulfill our families and make our bosses or clients happy and thinking about their needs and wants and we forget what our needs and wants are.

The best way to give your family the best is to find what is best for you too. Perhaps you could consider doing a bit of time travel and go back to a time when you were a carefree, fun-loving, happy child. Even people who have had the most challenging childhoods, had some happy moments and activities that took them to a place of happiness.  

Now take a piece of paper and write at the top: What did I love to do as a child? Now think of all the things that you have ever loved to do before, write down whatever comes to mind. It could be eating ice cream around the pool. Baking cookies. Writing poetry. Drawing pictures. Whatever comes to mind, write these down. It may be challenging at first but try to find five things to start with and then build on that list.

Now pick one of these things to do today. Just one small, simple act of kindness for yourself so that you can start filling your pot of love. And then tomorrow another. And then as you start feeling nourished yourself, you start building up the strength to be your best again so you can give your best to everyone around you. Now that is fulfilling ~ Alison Livanos.

Finding the Love

Love and Acceptance

It’s no secret that being a Mom introduces a whole new world of challenges. Even a whole new Universe of fascinating trials and tribulations and they don’t seem to disappear. As we feel we’ve overcome a challenge and grown to a new level, new challenges appear and they just keep evolving to a whole new level.  

From the pregnancy pressures to the blessed baby days to the trying toddler years to the cherished childhood years; we always do our best with the knowledge, awareness and strength we have in the moment, even if we think we’re not. And somewhere between doing our best and the trials and tribulations, so often we feel the inadequacy of ourselves. And we beat ourselves up, judge ourselves, criticize our efforts and at the end of the day, we wonder where we’re going with all of this.  

The truth is that Motherhood is part of our journey and there is so much we can learn from our own children. Our children are our mirrors and their behaviour mirrors exactly what we feel about and do to ourselves.  

You see, deep within all of us is a child, longing for love and approval. And that child carries all the beliefs and knowledge which she has gained from your own childhood years, both healthy and unhealthy. And when we acknowledge and learn to love the child within us, something magical happens: we begin to understand and appreciate our own children’s actions. We begin to understand their feelings and the reason why they say and do the things they do. And that’s where our healing begins. And as we start healing our own inner child, our children start responding differently to us.  

As a Mom of twin daughters and an elder daughter, I have often wondered why I was picked to raise these incredibly high energy children. They are energetic and adventurous with a love for life and fun. When I get stressed and frazzled, they join in on the fun and poke buttons in the middle of my brain which they know will get reactions out of me. And they know exactly what to do to get my emotions flowing. And that’s challenging.  

When I discovered that I was ignoring my own child within and I was constantly criticizing myself, I started realizing why my children ignore me and disregard my feelings. And as I connected with my own inner child and started my own healing journey, my children started acknowledging me and my feelings and started listening to what I have to say. And I started seeing how incredibly amazing little humans they are, just as they are, even when they make mistakes.  

So how do we find the love in Motherhood? Connect with your child within. Get to know her. Love her. Show her compassion. And understand why she feels the way she does. And as we do this, we begin to understand why our children do the things they do. And as we grow our love and acceptance for our own inner child, our love and acceptance shines through to our own children. And that’s an incredible gift to both them and yourself for life ~ Alison Livanos.