New Beginnings, New Opportunities


With the season well into springtime, through the Spring Equinox, there is a wonderful sense of ‘newness’ in the air. And although we only have three months left of 2019, each new month offers new opportunities for self exploration, self expression and self expansion. 

It’s no secret that this has been an extremely challenging year of uncertainty and change for many of us. And yet through these times of the unknown and transition, the greatest growth happens. Because it’s through these times that we experience our deepest pain, birthing our greatest accomplishments. 

How have you grown through the deepest times of contrast?

As we reflect back and realize the opportunities for transformation that came through the challenge, uncertainty and ‘pain’, it’s easy to find appreciation of all that is, as it is. We all chose this life experience of contrast so we could expand. And the greatest expansion happens through the most uncomfortable moments. 

What do you Love about yourself and your life in this present moment? 

In this present moment, it’s time to embrace the new beginnings, the springtime. As we Love ourselves in each moment, the opportunities through the new beginnings unfold and reveal themselves, offering greater opportunities for exploration, expression and expansion of all that is, as it is. 

What are you committed to? 

Looking forward to the boundless opportunities that could await, with a commitment of Self Love, we let go of all expectations and know that only good awaits through the contrast of it all. A commitment to Self Love means loving ourselves through the dark and the light. And a commitment to self opens doors of purpose and passion. 

~ Alison Livanos, Imspire 

15 January Post

Your best direction





As the reality of 2018 sets in, so can indecision and uncertainty. As we stay true to ourselves and follow our inner guidance, we can be certain that we are always going in the best direction, even when everything may seem uncertain. #justkeepwalking

What direction are you going in 2018?

~ Alison Livanos

Flow easily with Change

8 January

The only certainty in life is Change and we can choose whether we resist change or flow with it. As we choose to flow with change, everything easily works out as it’s meant to. #change

What current change are you willing to flow with?

~ Alison Livanos