Embracing Your Uniqueness

I am Unique

Every human on this planet is authentically unique, a one of a kind, an original. Just like in nature where no two snowflakes are exactly alike. We may, however, not be able to see it because many of us have tried to conform to what we think we should be, do or have. And yet beyond the masks constructed to hide the uniqueness, lies gifts and talents, we didn’t even realize existed.

And so we walk around pretending to be the “right” person or “good” and when our truth shows up, in shadow or in light, we not only ignore it but perhaps even cut it off and dismiss who we really are in fear of not being acceptable.

The truth is that we have all been created authentically with a unique set of gifts, talents and skills and when we are able to accept ourselves for who we are, we embrace our authenticity and we begin realizing the talents and gifts which were hiding within for so long.  As we realise these talents and we embrace them wholeheartedly, we begin to create a life which is authentically ours to enjoy.

Connect with Yourself (And the child within)

We all know how the story goes… life runs away from us and we get so busy in the day to day details of making everything work, that we forget all about ourselves. Deep within all of us is a child, the child we once were, before entering adulthood. The child who wasn’t afraid to be themselves, until someone said something that constructed an otherwise belief. As we connect with ourselves through activities we really love, we connect with that child within. And as we connect with that child within, we discover things about ourselves we forgot about. Perhaps you loved climbing trees as a child, or writing stories or even making mud pies in the garden. The simplest way to reconnect with yourself is to do something that makes you feel good.

What is your favourite way to connect with yourself with fun? What did you love as a child?

Get to Know Yourself

As we get to know ourselves by knowing what we love and what we don’t, we become aware of ourselves. And slowly, the uniqueness we keep within starts to reveal itself.  Take a deep breath and realize what you value most, not what others expect you to value most. Look at what YOU value most. Understand what makes you tick. Daily free writing is a great way to get to know oneself. And all you need to do is arrive at the page and write about what you love and what you don’t.

What do you value most in life?

Learn to Love Yourself

As we get to know ourselves, we may realize some truths we don’t like. Yet, we may realize some we love. The gift lies in the aspects of ourselves that we don’t like too. Because those are our unique aspects that add to who we really are. As we learn to love ourselves, we learn to love every part of ourselves, shadow and light. And as we learn to love every part of ourselves, we begin to unlock gifts and talents we didn’t even realize were there.

What don’t you like about yourself?

What do you love about yourself?

Are you willing to love all aspects of yourself, even those that you may not like?

Embrace your truth

As we embrace the truth of who we are, exactly as we are, we are able to see and understand what it is that we have to offer the world. And as we embrace the uniqueness of what we have to offer the world, we realize that our uniqueness is our greatest gift to the world.

What does the world need that your uniqueness can offer?

Do what you Love, Love what you do

Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Tony Robbins have all said it and live it… along with many other great people who do actually do what they love and get paid well to do it. So there must be some sort of truth in the concept that if we do what we love, the money will follow. Yet it’s still a choice. And then again, many of us think we don’t get to do what we love, right now. And may feel like perhaps it’s only possible for the chosen few. Begin where you are. Look at what you currently do: career, home life, children…all your daily aspects of your life. And then realize what you do love about what you do in your daily life. Realize what the one thing is that you do love about the work that you do everyday, even the tiniest thing. As we learn to love what we do right now, we move towards attracting more of what we love in the now.

What do you love about your current work that you do?

The truth is we are all extremely different, even if we share some similarities. And we all have a unique combination of gifts, talents and abilities that no one else can do exactly as each of us can do. The secret is to commit to realizing these and allow yourself to be a bit more like you each day. And as you commit to unwrapping your gifts, they begin to grow and you attract experiences which are authentically yours to embrace, with a life that is uniquely yours to live ~ Alison Livanos