Who are you, truly?
What are you here to learn and do?
What is your personal number vibration for this year?
How could you grow to your truest potential in your Life? 

Numerology is an ancient metaphysical science based on Pythagorean numbers where numbers each have unique vibrations. A powerful metaphysical tool, Numerology offers you the opportunity to truly understand who you are on all levels, deep within; why you are here, what you’re here to learn and where you could be growing if you choose to live to your fullest potential.

Numbers all have their own unique vibration and when you are able to decode your own personal numbers including your numbers connected to your name and journey, numerology can be used as an amazing tool to understand yourself authentically and why everything in your life is the way it is.

With an in-depth understanding of the vibration of your unique numbers for this year, it’s easier to decide how you could embrace your Life to your fullest potential.

Numerology Sessions are intuitively guided and facilitated together with life coaching techniques. Sessions are offered in person, telephonically and via Skype.