Connect with YOUR INTUITION & Receive some INSIGHT about Life & Love...

A Powerful metaphysical tool, exploring... 

⚛️ Who you are on all levels, deep within

⚛️ What you’re here to learn and experience 

⚛️ Where you are right now on your authentic Life journey

⚛️ How you could succeed when you choose to Live to your truest potential 

Intuitively guided and facilitated together with Life coaching tools for your personal growth. 

Decoding your own personal numbers, exploring your authenticity and understanding your unique journey of Life. 

Let your numbers give you some answers... Mind, Body, Heart & Soul.

Sessions are held via WhatsApp or Skype.

Client feedback

…an amazing and insight-full Numerology reading with Alison Livanos – Imspire… What a talented coach, soul, colleague and friend she is! I am so blessed to be part of her essence and presence. I recommend her talents and gifts forward to all who are willing and wish to Learn and grow into their authentic selves. Thank you Alison! 🙏
My soul is filled with gratitude and appreciation for your existence and service for our Human experience.

…Alison Livanos, you are an extremely intuitive numerogist; it’s like your words dance while you giving insight into each meaning and I love the order; the details and accuracy. You make no assumptions; and your love for numbers comes through and you sounds like a fascinated child looking up at the stars in wonder and that is why everyone goes wow wow wow… 🌹❤thank you wonder child; I had great fun having confirmation of my crazy; fun; freedom riding soul!!

Wowwww! I just had the most incredible numerology experience with Alison..,it’s a must for everyone I feel. Thank you Ali, you have an amazing gift and I’m so grateful for the insight, perspective and understanding of so many aspects of my life…

Was an absolutely amazing experience..such insight into myself..i now understand my wiring better too 😘I am very grateful for this experience Alison.. You are awesome. Much gratitude 🙏

…The insight helped put the pieces of the puzzle of ‘who I am, why I have experienced what I have’ together.
It’s given me confidence and understanding to move forward in realising my dreams💃🏽
Thanks Alison…

Thanks so much Alison…The session was so deep yet so light! Made so much of sense … I’m still absorbing all of it.