Creative Life Coaching Sessions

22 January



Who are you authentically?
How would you Love your life to look?
What barriers are standing in the way of your Self expression?
What is "blocking" you from living a life you Love?


Explore, Express, Expand... with Purpose and Passion


Life Coaching Sessions with Alison take you on a journey of imagination, self-love and igniting your life through your Creative Mind, Body and Spirit based on Heal Your Life® (

An adventure of self-discovery, recovery and Self expression of your authentic truth so that you can Create a new life and grow to your truest potential.

Sessions are either held electronically via Skype or WhatsApp or in person.

Your Life Coaching Journey begins with a 30 minute Complimentary Session where you get to choose if this is the best path for you.

Thereafter a personal Coaching programme is Created especially for you.