Connecting Hearts & Minds... The Power of Conscious Communication.

Across an ever-changing business landscape where the need for sustainable development is evident, there is an increasing requirement for organisations to operate consciously, thus effecting a positive social impact on the communities in which we operate.

Companies are therefore purposefully evolving to become conscious and transformational by following a dominant ethos based on Integrity, Purpose, Authenticity, Visionary Leadership, Mutually Beneficial Stakeholder Engagement, Trust, Mutual Respect, Accountability, Social Responsibility, Ethical Business Practices, Creativity and Innovation; thus contributing towards ever greater sustainable development in the broader context.

Conscious communication aligns with this ethos by communicating with the intention of personal empowerment, social upliftment and positive transformation for the highest good of humanity, aligned with the core values and strategic objectives of the organisation, while making a valuable contribution to the world at large.

Why Conscious Communication?
  • Authentic brand creation founded on integrity
  • Enhanced customer service with responsible and accountable talent
  • Creating and building optimal relationships with all stakeholders
  • Responsible citizenship with community based awareness campaigns
  • Committed, passionate and empowered talent performing optimally with enhanced talent engagement
  • Sustainable organisational success with purpose, beyond the bottomline
  • Engaged stakeholders with impactful, purposeful communications
  • Optimised organisational performance while making a valuable contribution to society


Conscious Communication Campaign Solutions

Enhancing organisational performance with impactful communication engagement solutions, campaigns can be created from start to finish as a full turnkey solution, or supported with any aspect thereof.


  • Internal Communication
  • Community Awareness and Support
  • HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaigns
  • Sustainable Development Communication
  • Wellness Campaigns
  • Magazines and Publications
  • Corporate Social Investment
  • Corporate Governance
  • Green Marketing Communication


Communication Strategy and Planning

Suggested to truly understand the business and translate the researched, factual information into an innovative creative strategy, with the objective of purposefully communicating the core messages to the targeted community, with mutually beneficial value added to both the community as well as the organisation. Through the process, your creative marketing communication strategy and authentic messages for your brand are decided and goals are set for future campaigns.