Cool, Calm, Connected…

Cool calm and connected

When stress is running the show, emotions can run crazy and thoughts can run wild in our minds…causing reactions in anger and fear…with actions that could hurt ourselves and others. As we find the calm space within by connecting with ourselves, we are able to stay focused and make decisions from a place of peace and truth…with the most promising outcomes… #cool #calm #connected

How could you find your calm space through your challenges today?

~ Alison Livanos

Relax and Trust the Process

22 January

Stress is just another word for fear; and anxiety is running that pattern of fear over and over on repeat. As we relax and trust the process of life, stress can be relieved, allowing clear thinking; and we can then move forward with confidence and ease. #stressmanagement #trust

What ‘stresses’ could you let go of and rather trust in the process of it all?

~ Alison Livanos