Choose to Be Yourself

Be yourself

With so much pressure out there to be, do and have, it’s easy to forget who we are and what we love about ourselves. When we choose to accept and love ourselves just as we are, so much pressure is relieved and we can fly to new heights… #selflove #beyourself

How can you be yourself in this moment?

~ Alison Livanos

You are allowed to be Yourself

I am allowed to be myself

How many of us are pretending to be, do & have something that is not us? The roles we pretend to play, the work we force ourselves to do & all the stuff we have; are so often just to feel acceptable & loved. As we learn to love ourselves, we give ourselves permission to be ourselves & our lives shift into a direction which is truly ours… #selflove #selfacceptance

What are you willing to truly allowing yourself to be, do & have?

~ Alison Livanos

You are free to be You

26 December post

As 2017 is slowly drawing to an end and you look towards 2018, remember your greatest power lies within your freedom to be yourself. Your uniqueness is your greatest gift to the world…share it generously. #freedom #selfacceptance

What gifts are you sharing with the world in 2018?

~ Alison Livanos