Life is all about Memories

What beautiful memories can you Create today?

One day, we’re all going to look back at this time and all that will be left are memories, with all sorts of feelings. And although it’s a really dark time, we can always do something to create some good feeling memories through the madness of it all💜💚🧡
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Go beyond limitations

It has often been said that anything is possible when we believe. But what does it mean to truly believe in oneself? Believing in yourself all begins in the mind, the place where all our beliefs about ourselves are stored like a massive computer hard drive. And where do these beliefs come from? They were programmed into us from the moment we entered the world by th{“type”:”block”,”srcIndex”:1,”srcClientId”:”9af38728-e52c-470f-a91d-063c0200831d”,”srcRootClientId”:””}e people we grew up with when we were children.

The most challenging part is we don’t even realize that many of these beliefs are there. We just unconsciously function according to our previous outdated limited programming. As we find the courage to examine our beliefs about ourselves by paying attention to our thoughts about ourselves and everything around us, we slowly become aware of the thoughts and beliefs sabotaging our lives.

It all begins with the courage to understand what’s in your mind, realizing what you believe you deserve. Realizing what you believe you’re capable of. Realizing who you really are and what you really love to do. And as you realize all that and make a commitment to change your beliefs about yourself and about life, you begin to let go of your old sabotaging patterns and start to take action aligned with new, productive and healthy beliefs about yourself and your possibilities ~ Alison Livanos

What limiting beliefs do you have about yourself and your abilities? What new beliefs would you like to create?

Open Your Heart with Laughter

Laughter is the best medicine

And so life happens. Kids happen. Work happens. Traffic happens. Challenges show-up. And sometimes it can be a real challenge to feel the good vibes through it all. The secret is that in order to create a life you love, you need to open your heart to receiving by feeling good. And it’s easy to feel all cheerful and humourous when everything is bright…how about the times when the challenges seem never ending and it all seems dark and gloomy. Those are the times we need to laugh the most, because laughter is feel good medicine.

Connecting with yourself

In less than humourous experiences, it can be easy to get sucked into the drama and react in anger or fear. Take some time out, even if it’s only 5 minutes to the bathroom…take a few deep breaths, feel the emotions, understand them and then let them go. Then have a good laugh at anything you could find humourous in the situation. Going for a walk alone is also a great way to process emotions and let them go.  As we connect with ourselves, we remember the truth of ourselves and how the challenges are serving us. Then it’s easier to laugh it off.

What is your best way to connect with yourself to find your humour?

Finding the humour

Have you ever noticed that even the greatest comedies on the big screens have unpleasant experiences that lead to laughter? Take a moment to look at your life, no matter how dramatic or painful, and see the comedy in it all. See it as your movie of your life and laugh it off. When we are able to find the humour in any situation, we relax, our hearts open and we are able to think with deeper clarity because we aren’t fogged up with heavy emotions. We are then able to make clearer decisions which resonate with our truth and we are more focussed and productive.

What do you find humourous about your current life experiences? 

Remembering what makes you laugh

So perhaps you’ve forgotten about what makes you laugh. Perhaps you’re having sense of humour failure and it seems there’s nothing funny about your life. Deep within all of us is an inner child who knows exactly what is funny. Children find the humour in everything, especially when the wheels are coming off. Connecting with your inner child through play, reconnects you with the part of you that loves to laugh at everything, even the silliest things. Grab a piece of paper and make a list of all the things you loved to do as a child. Pick one and do that. As you open your heart to play a bit, you’re opening your heart to laugh.

What did you love to do as a child, just for fun?

Committing to laughter

At the end of it all, we have the choice to get angry and stay there or we can commit to laughing. That’s where our power lies, we have the power to choose if we react in anger or fear; or to respond in humour. Make a commitment to yourself to see, hear and feel the humour in every situation, even the drama; each and every day. Make a commitment to lightening the load by committing to love yourself. Because laughter opens your heart. And that’s where love lies. The more we laugh, the more we love, both ourselves and others.

What is your commitment to yourself, humorously? 

The truth is that none of us are getting out of here alive. So what’s the use of always being so serious? Lighten-up. Lighten your load. Open your Heart and have a good laugh, today and every day ~ Alison Livanos

Alive and Thriving or just surviving?

I am alive

Regardless of where you are on your journey right now and what you may have been through, feel that heart beating in your chest…feel that warm breath inhaling and exhaling…you’re still Alive. The question is are you surviving or thriving? As we proceed along our journeys of growth, there will be times when everything is going extremely well, there will be balanced times and there will be times when you could feel like each day seems to be endless with troubles. And it’s at these times that it’s so easy to play the victim role and survive to push through it all. Or you could choose to step into your power and grow from the learning experience, moving closer towards feeling alive and thriving. And whether we choose to succumb to the pain or rise above it to thrive, that’s all a choice. How can we rise above our challenges and thrive?

Express Gratitude and Appreciation

When we express gratitude and appreciation for that is, we change our feelings within from feeling hopeless to a feeling of balanced unconditional love for life. Take a minute to breathe and think about all the wonderful treasures life has blessed you with. Perhaps you have beautiful children or amazing talents or people who love you…or even a beloved pet who is by your side no matter what. Sit with these for a moment and truly feel how thankful you are for them. And express gratitude and appreciation to the people you love and support you too. Feeling grateful and appreciative for what is, as it is, moves us from a state of fear to a state of love for everything that is, brings us to the present moment; giving us the strength to not only keep going but to keep growing too.

Grow through the emotions

We are all human and therefore we all have emotions, both positive and negative. If someone says they don’t feel emotions, they’re either lying or hiding them. The secret with emotions is to allow them to come, feel them, sit with them, acknowledge them and then release them. We need to feel it to heal it. And when we allow ourselves to feel the emotions, we are healing on a deep level. Allow yourself to have “growing” days and to cry freely and then find the gratitude, rise above the challenges and keep walking.

Go for a walk

Walking?! Yes, real walking. When everything gets too much, pick yourself up and take yourself for a walk. It doesn’t matter if it’s a slow, leisurely walk or a brisk walk at high speed. And it doesn’t matter if you walk for miles or even just around the block, as long as you walk. Walking is great for clearing our minds and for connecting with our inner wisdom.

Connect to Self

When the pressure is on and challenges seem endless, it can be so easy to disconnect from ourselves and get sucked into the drama around us. Take some time out and connect with yourself. Take a few deep breaths and ask yourself what you need to know. Connect your enthusiasm. Commit to loving yourself through the challenges. Recommit to yourself. Remember your truth. Express appreciation for yourself, all you are and all you do. Writing in a journal, walking, meditation, bathing, even gardening…are all great ways to connect with yourself to realize your strength is still there within.

Self-care is vital

Taking care of ourselves is vital when moving through trials and tribulations. Eating nourishing food, drinking loads of water, taking time out to breathe, speaking kindly to ourselves…these are all acts of self-care. Take a look in the mirror and listen to how you speak to yourself. Are you being hard on yourself? Or do you encourage yourself with kind, loving words. It’s so important to support ourselves with loving words instead of harsh critical words which just break us down and make us feel bad. As we speak to ourselves with loving words, we feel better about ourselves and we find the strength to do our best, as well as attracting loving experiences to match our words.

Stay in your Power

Let’s face it, when things don’t seem to be going well, we have emotions hovering under the surface and that’s the most challenging time to face people and experiences around us. And when we react to people and experiences from a place of fear or anger, we are actually giving them our power. We are giving them power over our inner world. Everyone goes through challenges at some point or another and when someone triggers our emotions, it’s time to step away, take a few deep breaths and feel the emotions, acknowledge them, learn from them, appreciate them and let them go. Fill your love tanks and then reply to the person with loving assertiveness. And that’s where the power lies, in our ability to choose whether we react in fear or anger… or respond in Love.

Shift your mind’s focus

It’s easy to focus on everything that is ‘wrong’ and that just keeps us attracting more of what we don’t want. Shift your focus onto what you would love to have. Think about how the experience is serving you and your growth, express appreciation for that, then shift your thoughts to a place of the truth of what you’d love your life to look like.

Remember that life is all about experiencing the contrasts… pain and pleasure, challenge and support, highs and lows… these experiences all remind us that we are still Alive. When we can feel gratitude and appreciation for what is, as it is, find our centre of peace, stay in our power and listen to our experiences with Love, that’s when we grow through the challenges; and move from a place of surviving to a place of thriving ~ Alison Livanos

Life is an adventure…Live it

Adventures of life

Life can be filled with challenges and triumphs, conquers and defeats, lean times and abundant times… Regardless of where you are right now, it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve fallen, nor how defeated you may feel at times, adventures are made of experiences of both pleasure and pain because that’s how we learn and grow…remember to rise again and just enjoy the adventures along the way. #adventuresoflife #keepwalking

What have you learnt along your recent adventures of life?

~ Alison Livanos

Facing Your Challenges

Facing challenges

Life will always have challenges but we get to choose whether we face these challenges with difficulty or with ease, depending on our attitude towards them…

How are you choosing to approach your challenges this week?

~ Alison Livanos

Believe in Possibilities

13 November

Possibilities are everywhere, when we believe they are. Opportunities can show-up in the most unlikely places, when we are aware. Experiences happen that don’t seem so favourable and we get stuck in the “I can’t” and it is so easy to get stuck in a moment and stop believing in ourselves and possibilities. When we are stuck in this place, we close our eyes to possibilities which lie right in front of us, yet when we believe in ourselves and in miracles, doors seem to open in the most unexpected places. We create our own barriers by standing in our own way.

How do we move beyond the barriers to possibilities?

Let go of the past

Life happens to everyone, that’s how we learn. Everyone makes mistakes, that’s also how we learn new things. Everyone has a story, that’s how we grow to become the people we need to be. The challenge is that so often we get stuck in the should’ve, could’ve, would’ve and we forget that we’re only human and humans make mistakes to learn. Start by being willing to forgive everyone, including yourself. Let go of the anger and resentment of what “they” did to you. Let go of the guilt of what you think you may or may not have done “wrong”. Then begin to live in the present moment. Yesterday is done, tomorrow is still to come, your power lies in this present moment and the choices you make right now.

Examine your beliefs

The thoughts we think and the words we speak, are creating all of our experiences. As children, our minds were like tape recorders, recording every word and experience through the meaning we made of it. Then we construct beliefs based on these experiences. Mothers, fathers, teachers, preachers may have done something or said something that made you believe that “you’re not good enough” or perhaps that life is hard and the only way to succeed is by criticizing yourself and making yourself work hard. These are their beliefs and you don’t need to keep them. These are barriers blocking your success. Have a good look at your beliefs and if they are negative, realize that you are creating your experiences with these beliefs. And if you’d like to move forward, perhaps it’s time to move through the barriers created by your own thoughts, words and emotions, by creating some wonderful positive beliefs for yourself.

Find gratitude in the moment

Stop and take a deep breath. Now think about everything you do have to be grateful for. And think about what you have learn’t from your past experiences and feel gratitude for how these experiences have made you the amazing, strong person you are today. Practice gratitude for the smallest things in every moment, even the challenging ones. You’ll be amazed that the more you are grateful, the more you receive to be grateful for.

Make a commitment to yourself with enthusiasm

This is your life and you only get to live this life once. Make a list of everything you’d love to have, do and be in your life. Imagine the possibilities. Feel the feeling of living a life you love. Then make a commitment to yourself to take at least one little step at a time to move in the direction of your dreams. The very first step is to just be willing to change. It’s your life, it’s your choice how you get to live it. Take back your power and create a life you love to look at ~ Alison Livanos 

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Enjoying life is a choice

9 October

Sometimes we get so caught up in the details of life: the being, having and doing; that we forget to enjoy the experiences of life. And for most of us, we have created a habit of moving robotically through our experiences, because of our old negative patterns of thinking and acting; and therefore missing out on the enjoyment and only experiencing the discomfort.  So then, how do we choose enjoy our life experiences?

1. Change your thoughts

The thoughts we think and the words we speak are creating all of our experiences. So when we worry and expect the worst in any experience or situation, that’s what we are creating. And the same goes for if we think the best thoughts and expect joy, then we will have the most enjoyable experiences. Just become aware of your thoughts and observe them when you are in experiences that don’t feel so enjoyable. Affirm: I am willing to change the thoughts creating this experience. Then change them with new thoughts. If you are thinking thoughts such as “I hate…”  you will get exactly that which you “hate”. When you think thoughts about what you enjoy and what you would love to happen, then that’s what you’ll get too. (

2. Making positive choices that suit you

So often, we make unconscious choices out of old habits, even though the choices lead to discomfort and unpleasant experiences. And we don’t even realize that we are doing this. We may say Yes when we actually want to say No and then we complain that we are unhappy, even though it’s our choice. The rule I now live by is that if it’s not an absolute Yes, then it’s a No. Love yourself enough to listen to your inner guidance when making decisions. Ask yourself if this decision will lead to enjoyment or pain and decide from there whether it’s a good choice for you or not. (

3. Seeing the joy in every experience

There are often experiences and situations that we are already in and the only choice that we can make is to see the pain or the pleasure in the experience. Life is all about experiences of pain and pleasure, the secret is to find the smallest enjoyment in every situation. And feel grateful for it. Step out of the situation, look in and see where the humour lies. Have good laugh and move on. All experiences do pass and it’s far better for an experience to pass, having felt some enjoyment, then moving painfully through the discomfort and missing out on the good stuff.

I have three children and there are responsibilities and situations that I often need to walk through, whether I choose to or not. Such as school events, parent teacher meetings and playdates. Even a trip to the shops can be an enjoyable experience if I choose it to be. I used to be so focussed on the negatives of the situations and worried about what could go “wrong” that I ended up having stressful experiences. When I changed my thoughts about my responsibilities and decided to enjoy my life, the experiences started changing and I started enjoying experiences which I previously disliked. I now choose to see the humour in the trips to the shops where there are meltdowns. And I choose to go to the shops at the quietest times, when my children are all fed and relaxed because that is more enjoyable for everyone. And that’s how I now choose to enjoy my life ~ Alison Livanos

Letting go of 2016 with Gratitude is creating an extraordinary 2017

With only a few hours left of 2016, we are all reflecting back on the year gone by. And as we think about the year ahead, our hearts are filled with Faith that 2017 will bring with it all the blessings we would so love.                                               

It’s no secret that 2016 brought with it an abundance of trials and tribulations for many but within these lies an abundance of hidden blessings in the form of experience.                                                                                        

The secret to creating an outstanding 2017 ahead lies within realizing these lessons and expressing Gratitude for all that is. Think of how are your experiences served you and how much stronger you are as a result of them.                                                                                                                                                                             

Count your blessings in this present moment and then look ahead to 2017 with Faith and Joy in your heart, knowing that whatever experiences come your way are all part of your experience of Life. Wishing you a wonderful transition into 2017!                                                                                                               

With Love, Alison Livanos xxx

Finding the Love, Peace and Joy in Christmas


And so this is Christmas and what have you done? ~ John Lennon. Well, you’re the Mom so you did it all, everyday, all year, every year. You made it happen: the delicious Christmas lunch or dinner; the most wanted gifts, perfectly wrapped gifts under the tree and all the trips to the Malls amidst the chaos of the silly season. Somewhere between the endless festive season cleaning, washing, cooking, laundry, ironing, mopping, sweeping and the endless grocery shopping trips; and making it all happen, it’s sometimes challenging to find the joy in Christmas.

So where do we find the Love, Peace and Joy that Christmas is expected to bring? It all starts with us, the Moms.

1. Keeping your thoughts positive

The thoughts we think and the words we speak are creating all our experiences. Through the challenges and tribulations of the festive season, it’s easy to get caught up in the negative thoughts and emotions. Our thoughts create our feelings and our feelings set the tone for Christmas. By keeping our thoughts positive, we are setting a happy tone for Christmas for both ourselves and our children. Take some time out at the end of the day to write down all the good in the day that has passed and even if it seemed like a challenging day, find the opportunity for learning through these challenges.

2. Taking time out to breathe

There’s cooking and cleaning and mopping and sweeping and shopping and dusting and dishes and laundry and entertaining and comforting and disciplining and teaching and nursing and  and and …the list is endless. And somewhere between all these duties and chores, we forget to breathe. Take some time out throughout the day: sneak off just for 5 minutes and take 10 slow, deep breaths while counting to 10 to recharge yourself and slow down a bit. You too are on holiday and you deserve to feel some peace.

3. Making some fun memories

The school holidays sometimes feel endless but they will be over before you know it and then it’s back to the routine of school lunches and pick-up. Connect with your own inner child by remembering what you enjoyed as a child and then share these with your own kids. Take some time to make some holiday memories with the kids, whether you’re away or at home. You could draw with the kids, colour in, go for walks, toast marshmallows, bake cookies, swim or go bug hunting. The housework will be there whether you have fun or not but the holidays will be over soon and then you’ve missed the fun. And remember to capture these fun memories to look back at and enjoy.

4. Keeping your sense of humour

Sugar, over-excitement and over-tired children (and Dads too LOL) can be a real treat. And sometimes it all becomes too much for one Mom to handle. When it all seems too much and you’ve breathed beyond breathing, find the humour in the situation. Imagine you have your own comedy show going and find the laughter through it all, the silly season won’t last forever so just laugh and it will all seem much easier to enjoy.

5. Letting it go, quickly

Emotions can run high over the holiday season and it can all become too much and escalate to overflowing levels. When you feel the anger or the tension and the emotions start flowing, let them flow and then let it go quickly. Holding onto the tension or frustration, only creates more. So feel the emotions, have a good cry, breath and let it go.

6. Expressing Gratitude

Between the whining and nagging; sibling bickering and squabbling; and over tiredness of all, emotions can sometimes run extremely high. Finding things to be thankful for is a wonderful way to balance all these high emotions. At the end of each day, look back and reflect; and think about what there is to be grateful for, then write these down in a journal: right down to the smallest thing. Even a wonderful hot day that got the laundry dry while the kids were swimming and giving you some peace, counts.

Remember to express appreciation for all that is, for all you have and especially to yourself for all you do. Appreciation of the pleasure in the pains and the pain in the pleasures, the trials and tribulations and the wonderful moments of truth, is the true secret to feeling the true Love, Peace and Joy in Christmas.

Wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas filled with an abundance of Love, Peace and Joy!

Lots of love,