Igniting Your Power Within

Power is within

Deep within all of us, there is an infinite supply of power ready to be ignited. We have the power within to choose whether we react to people and situations in anger and fear, thus giving our power away…or to respond with Love and Truth. And as we respond in Love and Truth, we are not only empowering ourselves but we are empowering others too.

Thinking thoughts of love

We think thousands of thoughts a day. When we face people and experiences, we have thoughts which relate back to our own internal belief systems about life. The thought triggers an emotion and the emotion sparks an action. Our internal belief systems were constructed years ago, when we were still children by watching and learning from our parents and other adults around us. These belief systems construct our thoughts, which trigger our emotions and therefore direct our behaviour. As we choose to think loving thoughts, instead of thoughts of fear and anger, we begin to feel at peace and can then respond to challenging people and experiences with love, which in turn attracts experiences back to us which are loving and true to our values. And it all begins with our power to think whichever thought we choose.

As we choose our thoughts wisely and choose to think empowering thoughts of Love and Truth, rather than thoughts of fear and anger; we are empowering ourselves from within.

Trusting yourself

Only you know what’s best for you. And within you is a voice whispering all you need to know. As we choose to listen to the voice within instead of what everyone else says, we are able to make our choices from a place of power, according to the truth that lies within.

Letting go of the past

The point of power always lies in this moment, not in the past. As we are willing to let go of pain, fear, anger, guilt, shame and judgement of others and ourselves related to past experiences, we are physically letting go of emotion which lies trapped within us. As we hold onto the emotions related to the past, we are creating today’s experiences with these. And so we are creating experiences based in pain, fear, anger or shame. As we let go of the past emotions, we make space for the love within us to flow and we are open to receive love from all around us, through every experience.

A good way to release these emotions is to begin by just observing them and then allowing yourself to go into the emotion and truly feeling it, understanding and loving yourself through the experience. Allow yourself to cry without judgement, just love and understanding. Then find appreciation for the experience where the emotion rose from by realizing what you learnt and how it served you. Bring yourself back to this present moment by appreciating your life as it is now and acknowledging yourself for all you are and all you do.

Accepting what you deserve in life

We don’t get what we deserve, we get what we believe we deserve. If you believe that you deserve the best, then that’s what you will get. It all begins with realizing what you would truly love your life to look like and what you would truly love to have. As we begin focussing on what we do believe we deserve and allowing ourselves to accept that, we begin to receive experiences that we truly do deserve. It all begins with the thought: “I am willing to believe that I deserve the best”.

Growing in Love and Truth

Focussing our thoughts on Love; listening to ourselves, letting go of past emotions and accepting what we do really deserve in life, triggers a journey of growth in our experiences of life to move us towards our truth. As we love who we truly are, shadow and light, we begin to live from a place of truth. And as we step into our truth and respond to life with love, we truly begin to step into our power, which empowers others by giving them permission to do the same ~ Alison Livanos


Claiming Your Life as Yours

It’s my Life

Whose life are you living? Is it yours or is it a construct of what others think it “should” be. Or is a montage of people pleasing to find acceptance. The truth is that it’s your life and you get to choose how you live it. We all have a story but it’s your choice how you perceive your story, either from a victim or a conqueror’s perspective. When you can truly appreciate life for what it is and for how every experience has served you in some way, you can start to create a new story, according to your own truth, instead of other people’s limitations and beliefs.  When we can appreciate life completely for what it is and own it, we find a whole new appreciation for ourselves. When we are able to find a place of responding to outside influences and experiences from a place of love, we take back our power and we stand-up and show the world whose life we are now choosing to live.

Acknowledgement of Yourself

Our positive actions and good so often seem to go unnoticed and we can be left feeling worthless. The truth is that we will only be loved, valued and acknowledged when we love, value and acknowledge ourselves first. Start by writing down ten things that you acknowledge yourself for. It could be the tiniest actions, past or present moment. Feel the appreciation for who you are and what you do. As we begin to acknowledge ourselves for everything that we are, shadow and light; strengths and weaknesses, we claim our power, instead of avoiding the truth of ourselves in shame; and spending our days seeking approval.

What do you acknowledge about yourself?

Appreciation of Life as it is

Take a deep breath, take a look around and truly look at your life for what it is, shadow and light. See the value in all that you have experienced and all that you have. As we begin to appreciate our lives for what we do have and for how our experiences have served us, we step into our power of no longer comparing our lives with others and making excuses for what we don’t have. As we discover an appreciation for the authenticity of experiences had and life as it is, we find the inspiration to create our lives from a place of love and power, instead of a place of fear.

What do you love and appreciate about your life, shadow and light?

Enthusiasm to move forward

Looking towards the future and the exciting experiences that still lie ahead, opens up inspiration to get-up and do our best, authentically. Think about one thing that you have to look forward to, one thing that you are feeling enthusiastic about, from the smallest to the most spectacular. Enthusiasm ignites an inner power that makes us unstoppable, makes us deaf to the naysayers and gives us the strength to walk through the challenges along the way, with confidence and ease.

What are you enthusiastic about, looking forward?

Commitment to YOU

As we commit to ourselves and creating our lives, the way we would love, as well as our own growth and forward movement, we take back our power and it gets easier to choose which experiences we would love to have, and which we would prefer to no longer entertain. As we are aware of what we are committed to with ourselves, it is easier to say “no” to what we don’t want because we are committed to saying “yes” to ourselves and what we do want.

What are you committed to, for yourself?

At the end of it all, it’s your life and you get to choose how you live it. No one else is going to get up each morning, inspired and committed to making your life amazing, only you have the power to do that. Declare your truth, take back your power and create a life that you truly love to live, because you are the one who gets to live it until the end ~ Alison Livanos