Love Being You

30 October

Can you imagine how wonderful it would be if you could live your life without ever being criticized by anyone? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel totally at ease, totally comfortable? You would get up in the morning and you would know you were going to have a wonderful day, because everybody would love you and nobody would put you down. You would just feel great. 

You know what? You can give this to yourself. You can make the experience of living with you the most wonderful experience imaginable. You can wake up in the morning and feel the joy of spending another day with yourself ~ Louise Hay 

As we learn to love ourselves, we learn about what we really love about ourselves. The trick is to accept ourselves exactly as we are and to release the need to always be perfect. When we release the need for perfection, we begin to allow ourselves to be ourselves. Perfectionism is merely the outcome of listening to that inner critic, who is telling us that we’re wrong. And that inner critic is programmed by years of criticism we received as children. And how do we silence the inner critic? Connect with your inner child and tell her that you love her. And do what she loves to do. Then slowly, one step at a time, allow yourself to express your creativity through that inner child. Allow your inner child a voice and that is louder than the inner critic. Release all criticism. Nurture through play. Create something beautiful, without perfection. Love yourself enough to allow yourself to be yourself. And just love being you ~ Alison Livanos

Express Your Uniqueness

23 October

You are not your father. You are not your mother. You are not any of your relatives. You are not your teachers at school, nor are you the limitations of your early religious training. You are yourself. You are special and unique, having your own set of talents and abilities. No one can do things exactly the way you can do them. There is no competition and no comparison.

You are worthy of your own love and your own self-acceptance. You are a magnificent being. You are free. Acknowledge this as the new truth for yourself. And so it is ~ Louise Hay 

The truth is that we have all been created with our own set of unique gifts and talents. And somewhere along the way, we compare ourselves with others and make ourselves wrong. We listen to the criticism of others. And we dismiss our uniqueness as unacceptable or “weird”. And we choose to hide our brilliance behind a mask constructed by what we believe we “should” be. It’s time for us to stop the comparisons and start unashamedly expressing our authentic, unique selves.

The challenge is that we have lived so long trying to “fit in” that we have forgotten who we are and why we are here. And how do you reconnect with your true uniquessness? The answer lies with your inner child, who knows exactly who you are. Take some time to reconnect with that child within and realize what you loved as a child and what makes you unique. Do something you love and play each and every day and your uniqueness will begin to shine through. Play with the children. Make a mess. Make a noise. Express your uniqueness in your own unique way ~ Alison Livanos

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