Believe in Possibilities

13 November

Possibilities are everywhere, when we believe they are. Opportunities can show-up in the most unlikely places, when we are aware. Experiences happen that don’t seem so favourable and we get stuck in the “I can’t” and it is so easy to get stuck in a moment and stop believing in ourselves and possibilities. When we are stuck in this place, we close our eyes to possibilities which lie right in front of us, yet when we believe in ourselves and in miracles, doors seem to open in the most unexpected places. We create our own barriers by standing in our own way.

How do we move beyond the barriers to possibilities?

Let go of the past

Life happens to everyone, that’s how we learn. Everyone makes mistakes, that’s also how we learn new things. Everyone has a story, that’s how we grow to become the people we need to be. The challenge is that so often we get stuck in the should’ve, could’ve, would’ve and we forget that we’re only human and humans make mistakes to learn. Start by being willing to forgive everyone, including yourself. Let go of the anger and resentment of what “they” did to you. Let go of the guilt of what you think you may or may not have done “wrong”. Then begin to live in the present moment. Yesterday is done, tomorrow is still to come, your power lies in this present moment and the choices you make right now.

Examine your beliefs

The thoughts we think and the words we speak, are creating all of our experiences. As children, our minds were like tape recorders, recording every word and experience through the meaning we made of it. Then we construct beliefs based on these experiences. Mothers, fathers, teachers, preachers may have done something or said something that made you believe that “you’re not good enough” or perhaps that life is hard and the only way to succeed is by criticizing yourself and making yourself work hard. These are their beliefs and you don’t need to keep them. These are barriers blocking your success. Have a good look at your beliefs and if they are negative, realize that you are creating your experiences with these beliefs. And if you’d like to move forward, perhaps it’s time to move through the barriers created by your own thoughts, words and emotions, by creating some wonderful positive beliefs for yourself.

Find gratitude in the moment

Stop and take a deep breath. Now think about everything you do have to be grateful for. And think about what you have learn’t from your past experiences and feel gratitude for how these experiences have made you the amazing, strong person you are today. Practice gratitude for the smallest things in every moment, even the challenging ones. You’ll be amazed that the more you are grateful, the more you receive to be grateful for.

Make a commitment to yourself with enthusiasm

This is your life and you only get to live this life once. Make a list of everything you’d love to have, do and be in your life. Imagine the possibilities. Feel the feeling of living a life you love. Then make a commitment to yourself to take at least one little step at a time to move in the direction of your dreams. The very first step is to just be willing to change. It’s your life, it’s your choice how you get to live it. Take back your power and create a life you love to look at ~ Alison Livanos 

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Let go of the guilt, Mom


At some point along our parenting journey, we may have experienced that feeling of guilt to some level or another, for something we did or didn’t do for our children. We all make those perceived Mommy mistakes. Forgetting something important. Losing our tempers in the heat of the moment when we misunderstood an action. Working late. Missing school events. Being too busy with work to be a volunteer Mom at school. Letting the kids eat something that’s unhealthy because we’re just enough of negotiating. Whatever your perceived mistakes, you could let them go.

Holding onto that feeling of guilt is more of a disfavour to our children than not because it’s keeping us trapped in the past. And when we’re trapped in the past, it’s that much more challenging to be truly present with what is happening in the moment and to appreciate the value of the experience. Guilt holds us back and keeps us from appreciating the value of what we have in our children and we just try and make up for that guilt in all we do; thereby generating further feelings of guilt.

So how do we let go of the feelings of guilt? You could make a list of all the things that you feel you have or haven’t done to or for your children. Whatever comes to mind, and how ever simple and silly it may seem, write it down. Now think about each action and ask how what you did or didn’t do is actually helping your children grow and learn? Then you can even take it a step further and think about how the action is actually part of your own development and growth. 

As we begin to appreciate the experiences which we have had or we have given to our children, we are brought into a state of appreciation which leads us to experience the true love of our children. That’s when we can truly be present for ourselves, our children and everyone in our lives ~ Alison Livanos.