Gratitude for what is…


It’s easy to feel grateful when everything is rosy, the challenge is feeling grateful through the darkness. When we find even the smallest blessings, gifts and opportunities in the challenges, and feel grateful for these in the now, miracles do show-up. #gratitude #positivethoughts

What do you have to feel grateful for right now?

~ Alison Livanos

You’re Amazing Just the Way You Are

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We have all been created with authentic gifts, talents and abilities. The challenge is to acknowledge and appreciate these throughout the madness and chaos of society’s expectations.  

We spend our lives comparing ourselves to others, people who have also been created with their own uniqueness, not ours. And as we try to ‘change’ to match these other people, we start living according to their values and goals. And then we fail, according to their standards, we forget who we are and so miss out on the incredible opportunities which are ours for the taking.  

The truth is that we all have an incredible destiny and purpose. The greatest challenge is to realize who we are and what our flow is. Get to know yourself, your true authentic self. And as you get to discover your uniqueness and authenticity, you can begin to appreciate and love yourself for who are. And as you begin to love yourself for who you are, you start discovering your own unique gifts and talents which you can share with the world so that you can grow to be the person you are meant to be. Not who you think you should be, but rather who you truly are. Because you are amazing just the way you are! ~ Alison Livanos

Letting go of 2016 with Gratitude is creating an extraordinary 2017

With only a few hours left of 2016, we are all reflecting back on the year gone by. And as we think about the year ahead, our hearts are filled with Faith that 2017 will bring with it all the blessings we would so love.                                               

It’s no secret that 2016 brought with it an abundance of trials and tribulations for many but within these lies an abundance of hidden blessings in the form of experience.                                                                                        

The secret to creating an outstanding 2017 ahead lies within realizing these lessons and expressing Gratitude for all that is. Think of how are your experiences served you and how much stronger you are as a result of them.                                                                                                                                                                             

Count your blessings in this present moment and then look ahead to 2017 with Faith and Joy in your heart, knowing that whatever experiences come your way are all part of your experience of Life. Wishing you a wonderful transition into 2017!                                                                                                               

With Love, Alison Livanos xxx

Finding the Love, Peace and Joy in Christmas


And so this is Christmas and what have you done? ~ John Lennon. Well, you’re the Mom so you did it all, everyday, all year, every year. You made it happen: the delicious Christmas lunch or dinner; the most wanted gifts, perfectly wrapped gifts under the tree and all the trips to the Malls amidst the chaos of the silly season. Somewhere between the endless festive season cleaning, washing, cooking, laundry, ironing, mopping, sweeping and the endless grocery shopping trips; and making it all happen, it’s sometimes challenging to find the joy in Christmas.

So where do we find the Love, Peace and Joy that Christmas is expected to bring? It all starts with us, the Moms.

1. Keeping your thoughts positive

The thoughts we think and the words we speak are creating all our experiences. Through the challenges and tribulations of the festive season, it’s easy to get caught up in the negative thoughts and emotions. Our thoughts create our feelings and our feelings set the tone for Christmas. By keeping our thoughts positive, we are setting a happy tone for Christmas for both ourselves and our children. Take some time out at the end of the day to write down all the good in the day that has passed and even if it seemed like a challenging day, find the opportunity for learning through these challenges.

2. Taking time out to breathe

There’s cooking and cleaning and mopping and sweeping and shopping and dusting and dishes and laundry and entertaining and comforting and disciplining and teaching and nursing and  and and …the list is endless. And somewhere between all these duties and chores, we forget to breathe. Take some time out throughout the day: sneak off just for 5 minutes and take 10 slow, deep breaths while counting to 10 to recharge yourself and slow down a bit. You too are on holiday and you deserve to feel some peace.

3. Making some fun memories

The school holidays sometimes feel endless but they will be over before you know it and then it’s back to the routine of school lunches and pick-up. Connect with your own inner child by remembering what you enjoyed as a child and then share these with your own kids. Take some time to make some holiday memories with the kids, whether you’re away or at home. You could draw with the kids, colour in, go for walks, toast marshmallows, bake cookies, swim or go bug hunting. The housework will be there whether you have fun or not but the holidays will be over soon and then you’ve missed the fun. And remember to capture these fun memories to look back at and enjoy.

4. Keeping your sense of humour

Sugar, over-excitement and over-tired children (and Dads too LOL) can be a real treat. And sometimes it all becomes too much for one Mom to handle. When it all seems too much and you’ve breathed beyond breathing, find the humour in the situation. Imagine you have your own comedy show going and find the laughter through it all, the silly season won’t last forever so just laugh and it will all seem much easier to enjoy.

5. Letting it go, quickly

Emotions can run high over the holiday season and it can all become too much and escalate to overflowing levels. When you feel the anger or the tension and the emotions start flowing, let them flow and then let it go quickly. Holding onto the tension or frustration, only creates more. So feel the emotions, have a good cry, breath and let it go.

6. Expressing Gratitude

Between the whining and nagging; sibling bickering and squabbling; and over tiredness of all, emotions can sometimes run extremely high. Finding things to be thankful for is a wonderful way to balance all these high emotions. At the end of each day, look back and reflect; and think about what there is to be grateful for, then write these down in a journal: right down to the smallest thing. Even a wonderful hot day that got the laundry dry while the kids were swimming and giving you some peace, counts.

Remember to express appreciation for all that is, for all you have and especially to yourself for all you do. Appreciation of the pleasure in the pains and the pain in the pleasures, the trials and tribulations and the wonderful moments of truth, is the true secret to feeling the true Love, Peace and Joy in Christmas.

Wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas filled with an abundance of Love, Peace and Joy!

Lots of love,