2 Day Creative Business Brandshop


What unique business are you growing with purpose and passion?
Who are you presenting yourself as to the market?
How are you communicating your message out there?
Where are you positioning yourself and your business?
What is your authentic language for your business?


Explore, Express, Expand... Your Business Vision


A Two Day Creative Business Brand Workshop taking you on an adventure of your entrepreneurial journey of Creating, Building and Growing your business brand and marketing your products and services through Creative expression, with Creative processes and Heal Your Life® Tools (www.healyourlife.co.za)


Connect with your Creative Spirit and adventure on a transformative business journey of your Passion and Purpose translated into your business brand, expressed through Creative Arts…Designing a Business you Truly Love to Expand through.

You'll learn how to:

☀️ Connect and Communicate Your Purpose and Passion through your Unique Business Vision

☀️ Create, Refresh and Build Your Authentic Business Brand

☀️ Tap into your Creativity and Create through the Creative Process in Your Business

☀️ Create a practical Integrated Marketing Communications Plan

☀️ Create impactful content for Social Media

☀️ Build a Brand Image and Reputation

☀️ Communicate Your Brand's message with impact by applying the Fundamentals of Integrated Marketing Communication: Digital and Traditional media

☀️ Dissolve mental blocks standing in your way


Facilitated by Alison Livanos:

Creative Writer, Speaker, Workshop Facilitator and Life Coach (BA CMS, Heal Your Life®, COMENSA)


Date Options for 2019

17-18 April 2019

12-13 June 2019

14-15 August 2019

9-10 October 2019

20-21 November 2019