1. I am Breathing in Life
  2. I am Energized
  3. I am Spirit

Origin: from Latin inspirare ‘breathe or blow into’ from spirare ‘breathe’.

Alison Livanos

Intuitive Creative Coach & Writer
BA CMS, Heal Your Life®️, COMENSA. ITEC.

Passionate about creating sustainability in our world through holistic personal growth and self empowerment, Alison is committed to guiding adults and youth to realize our infinite collective power within. Exploring, Expressing and Expanding our magnificence for the purpose of living an authentic, expansive life of Love.

Professionally trained as a Heal Your Life® Facilitator, Practitioner and Life Coach (COMENSA) with Heal Your Life® South Africa (, Alison offers a safe space to Explore, Dream, Heal, Create and Grow, according to your authentic values. With a focus on Creativity and fun, Alison loves empowering all living beings by unleashing Creative energy through art and dance, to ignite Creative inspiration and personal truth.

Alison holds many years’ experience in a variety of spaces in- and outside of the corporate world including personal growth, training and development, sustainable development, marketing, communication, wellness, spa management, corporate social investment (CSI) and advertising.

Mom of three beautiful daughters, including identical twin tweens and a teen, a parrot named Zoo, a doggie named Kylee, two cats and fish; Alison embraces all living beings with compassion and enhances intuitive coaching sessions with animals being present.

Through a series of synchronous events, Alison experienced a spiritual awakening and reconnected with her intuition through Creativity on a deeper level during 2012. She started painting, dancing, singing and gardening, amongst other Creative endeavours, reconnecting with her authentic truth, which she had shut the door on many years prior. Through a fascinating journey of life experience, study, learning, training, inner healing and personal growth with many inspiring teachers, Alison embraces her passion for connecting others with their personal Intuitive power by sharing her intuitive gifts and talents.

Combining the totality of her experience, knowledge and wisdom, guided by intuition, Alison facilitates Creative Intuitive self discovery and recovery through one-on-one self love empowerment coaching sessions, Numerology readings, Oracle Cards, Dreams, Aromatherapy, Courses and Workshops.