Created and founded by Alison Livanos, Imspire (Pty) Ltd. is a Conscious Communication and Personal Development Consultancy, focussed on optimising organisational performance while effecting a positive social impact, through empowering communication engagement, with strategically researched, authentically and uniquely crafted creative conscious communication solutions, personal development workshops and coaching; professionally delivered with excellence, aligned with your strategic objectives and values. 


Alison Livanos

Creative Communication Consultant, Personal Development Facilitator and Coach

BA Communication Science (Cum Laude) ~ UNISA Certified Heal Your Life® Workshop Facilitator and Life Coach (COMENSA) ~ Live Love Coaching Academy


8DC9214D-6997-4488-A847-2DD90798400CPassionate about communicating both strategically and creatively, for the purpose of social empowerment through conscious transformation, Alison is experienced in a multitude of areas including Corporate Communication, Employee Wellness, Internal Communication, Corporate Social Investment, Sustainable Development, Talent Engagement, Integrated Marketing Communication, Corporate Writing, Creative Writing, Inspirational Writing, Personal Development, Advertising, Education, Entrepreneurship, Event Management and Spa Management.

Dynamic experience coupled with an expressive, authentic personality, optimistic attitude and the determination to venture beyond limitations; promises that your core messages are purposefully communicated and your key strategic objectives are met with professionalism and innovation.

A commitment to provide high quality solutions and the continuous development of skills, knowledge and expertise ensures that you have a reliable communication and personal development resource to call on, with an undertaking to deliver impactful communication solutions with purpose and passion.