Every Choice is Making a Difference

As we navigate this crazy scary time, filled with so many emotions, we are all reacting or responding to this crisis in our own authentic ways.

We’ve all played the victim at some point or another through the various levels of lockdown, reacting in fear by accusing or blaming them or someone for something and for all of this. Or complaining about something… from wearing masks to not being able to legally purchase our “plaster” of choice to cover the wounds and find some relief from the pain we all carry in some way or another; be it alcohol or cigarettes or gambling or running or over-working or social gatherings. And sometime, amidst the chaos and confusion, perhaps we’ve realized that we can make some sort of difference in some sort of way to make a valuable contribution to this massive shift humanity is currently growing through.  

And all choices count in some way or another. Be it packing food parcels and sneaking them to the disadvantaged communities behind the watchful eye of the law enforcement (who would have ever thought that would be true) or speaking up for the infringements of the most basic human right of the freedom of movement. Perhaps protesting against the cigarette ban because as much as it’s “bad” for us, we do ultimately get to choose whether we want to smoke or not. Or even choosing to stay home, stay safe and meditate because it’s all just too much to bear going out into the battlefield to buy a few groceries, with masked children in tow. Each choice, each one of us is making, regardless of how it’s perceived by anyone, is making the exact contribution we are meant to be making at this very point in space and time. Each decision is making a valuable contribution to our current society at large, be it in shadow or in light, or in balance. Why? Because it is what it is. And whatever it is, is what it is meant to be.

So, let’s pause for just a moment and realize what we are choosing to be and do and keep being and doing through this madness of transformation. And just be aware of how these choices are making a valuable contribution towards this massive shift in humanity. Each choice counts in some way or another, and contributes towards the contrast of this entire human experience of life. Let’s find understanding for all choices and ensure that our freedom of choice remains in each of our own hands. Stay safe, stay healthy, with Love ~ Alison Livanos  

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