Go beyond limitations

It has often been said that anything is possible when we believe. But what does it mean to truly believe in oneself? Believing in yourself all begins in the mind, the place where all our beliefs about ourselves are stored like a massive computer hard drive. And where do these beliefs come from? They were programmed into us from the moment we entered the world by th{“type”:”block”,”srcIndex”:1,”srcClientId”:”9af38728-e52c-470f-a91d-063c0200831d”,”srcRootClientId”:””}e people we grew up with when we were children.

The most challenging part is we don’t even realize that many of these beliefs are there. We just unconsciously function according to our previous outdated limited programming. As we find the courage to examine our beliefs about ourselves by paying attention to our thoughts about ourselves and everything around us, we slowly become aware of the thoughts and beliefs sabotaging our lives.

It all begins with the courage to understand what’s in your mind, realizing what you believe you deserve. Realizing what you believe you’re capable of. Realizing who you really are and what you really love to do. And as you realize all that and make a commitment to change your beliefs about yourself and about life, you begin to let go of your old sabotaging patterns and start to take action aligned with new, productive and healthy beliefs about yourself and your possibilities ~ Alison Livanos

What limiting beliefs do you have about yourself and your abilities? What new beliefs would you like to create?

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