In Appreciation of 2018


As 2018 slowly draws to a close, many of us are reflecting back on the year for what it was and as it is. There were great times and there were challenging times. There were times of pain and times of pleasure. And there were all sorts of experiences in between which have created change in ways we didn’t previously consider.

2018 has been a year of letting go and allowing deep transformation to happen in my life by growing through the challenges. Having experienced the lowest lows I’ve had in many years, it was often difficult to find anything positive about what we as a family were walking through and experiencing. And yet here we are. Still Alive. Still breathing. Still laughing. Still willing to keep going. And we are stronger and feel more alive than ever before.

As we reflect back on 2018 in its entirety and totality, we can find appreciation for all the experiences, the challenge and the support, all contributing towards our growth. And as we Love ourselves throughout all these experiences of contrast, we gain an appreciation for who we are and why we’re ultimately here, to expand and grow through Love. Let’s appreciate and celebrate that as the last of 2018 draws to a close. 

What challenging experiences do you appreciate having because they grew you in 2018? 

What awesome experiences do you appreciate having in 2018? 

What do you Love about yourself throughout all your experiences in 2018? 

What could you let go of as the year draws to a close? 

What gifts has 2018 given you, even if perhaps in disguised blessings? 

With Love,

Alison xxx

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