Enjoying life is a choice

9 October

Sometimes we get so caught up in the details of life: the being, having and doing; that we forget to enjoy the experiences of life. And for most of us, we have created a habit of moving robotically through our experiences, because of our old negative patterns of thinking and acting; and therefore missing out on the enjoyment and only experiencing the discomfort.  So then, how do we choose enjoy our life experiences?

1. Change your thoughts

The thoughts we think and the words we speak are creating all of our experiences. So when we worry and expect the worst in any experience or situation, that’s what we are creating. And the same goes for if we think the best thoughts and expect joy, then we will have the most enjoyable experiences. Just become aware of your thoughts and observe them when you are in experiences that don’t feel so enjoyable. Affirm: I am willing to change the thoughts creating this experience. Then change them with new thoughts. If you are thinking thoughts such as “I hate…”  you will get exactly that which you “hate”. When you think thoughts about what you enjoy and what you would love to happen, then that’s what you’ll get too. (LouiseHay.com)

2. Making positive choices that suit you

So often, we make unconscious choices out of old habits, even though the choices lead to discomfort and unpleasant experiences. And we don’t even realize that we are doing this. We may say Yes when we actually want to say No and then we complain that we are unhappy, even though it’s our choice. The rule I now live by is that if it’s not an absolute Yes, then it’s a No. Love yourself enough to listen to your inner guidance when making decisions. Ask yourself if this decision will lead to enjoyment or pain and decide from there whether it’s a good choice for you or not. (CherylRichardson.com)

3. Seeing the joy in every experience

There are often experiences and situations that we are already in and the only choice that we can make is to see the pain or the pleasure in the experience. Life is all about experiences of pain and pleasure, the secret is to find the smallest enjoyment in every situation. And feel grateful for it. Step out of the situation, look in and see where the humour lies. Have good laugh and move on. All experiences do pass and it’s far better for an experience to pass, having felt some enjoyment, then moving painfully through the discomfort and missing out on the good stuff.

I have three children and there are responsibilities and situations that I often need to walk through, whether I choose to or not. Such as school events, parent teacher meetings and playdates. Even a trip to the shops can be an enjoyable experience if I choose it to be. I used to be so focussed on the negatives of the situations and worried about what could go “wrong” that I ended up having stressful experiences. When I changed my thoughts about my responsibilities and decided to enjoy my life, the experiences started changing and I started enjoying experiences which I previously disliked. I now choose to see the humour in the trips to the shops where there are meltdowns. And I choose to go to the shops at the quietest times, when my children are all fed and relaxed because that is more enjoyable for everyone. And that’s how I now choose to enjoy my life ~ Alison Livanos

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