Just keep walking…

17 March 2017

And here we are. We’ve taken the decision to transform our lives. We’ve made the commitment to learn to love ourselves. We are weeding out the old limiting beliefs and planting beautiful new seeds of thoughts of self-love, peace, joy and all the other wonderful stuff we’d love for life. And it seems like nothing is happening. And it all feels pointless at times. And perhaps this is just silly anyway. You see this is how it goes… You make the decision to change your world and that’s the first step. Then you weed out the old limiting beliefs holding you back and that’s another step. And you plant some lovely new thoughts like seeds in fertile soil and that’s yet another step. And then we need to water the seeds and nurture them. And we need to take some action steps forward into the direction we choose to go. And we need to keep weeding old beliefs and seeding new thoughts as we go along and as we become more aware.

There too will be challenges to help you learn, grow and heal. Some challenges may even be shifting you in the best direction for your new world. And each small step may seem small and silly but they do all make a difference. And as you continue on your journey, the seeds start breaking open and sprouting teeny tiny sprouts. And each step you take, and each thought you think takes you closer to where you are going. And if you’re not sure of the next step to take, take a rest, listen to your intuition, rise and follow what your intuition tells you. It’s all a gentle, loving process of unfolding your truth as you create your world. Affirm: I trust the process of life. I am safe (Louise Hay). So just keep walking… one small step at a time ~ Alison Livanos


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