The Joy of Challenges

stormsLife can sometimes seem filled with challenges; some call it struggles and others could call it problems. The truth is these challenges have been created through our own way of thinking about our circumstances. By worrying, we focus on the worst possible outcome, and we are then creating our reality with the fear of that very reality. As challenged as we may feel to accept that, it’s the truth.  

As we focus on everything that could go wrong, we miss out on the joy of the journey and what could possibly go really well. This latent fear of some sort then pushes away the very outcome of that which we actually deeply desire.   

Having grown up in a home where we were often financially challenged and living on credit, I use to worry constantly that I wouldn’t have enough to raise three children. I feared this deeply and as the challenges started mounting such as cancelled client contracts and piling up overdue bills, I realized that this worrying about not having enough was actually creating all of these financial challenges.  

As we start to focus our thoughts and emotions on a positive outcome and on the very thing that we really want, we start to recreate our lives to one that we love.  

I started focussing my thoughts on what I wanted and why. My objective was clear, to give us the life we deserve. I focussed all my thoughts on my love for my children and what I loved about myself and my life: the small free joys in life such as nature and time together as a family, my warm home, all this even though money was still a challenge.  

When we catch the thoughts created through tension, fear, anger and sadness, in their tracks and choose to rather focus on thoughts created in love, calm and joy, we can begin to create an inspired life.  

We could rather switch our problems and struggles to challenges. Focus on what we have to be grateful for in these challenges. And as this gratitude grows, we begin to see and accept the gifts in the challenges such as growing stronger, which will begin to change our lives in the most positive of ways ~ Alison Livanos.  

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